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Nate Morrison
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Online Bidding & Marketing
Sale Coordinator for Benny Binion's
World Famous Bucking Horse & Bull Sale
during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo
in Las Vegas, NV.

20455 BIA 2 - Interior, SD 57750
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JQH Rodeo Genetics 2018 Production Sale
Skip Jones     -     Amarillo, TX
Wednesday, March 28th
Preview the lots posted below. Live bidding will start at 8:00pm cst.
Please make note that the bidding for each new lot will start every 5 minutes!
Lot #01 - 8yr Old Paint Stallion
#020 Airborne
Bidding Starts at 8:00pm CENTRAL
Lot #02 - 4yr Old Breeding Bull
Page #92B
Bidding Starts at 8:05pm CENTRAL
Lot #03 - Yearling Bull
#719  -  Son of #54 Jungle Fear
Bidding Starts at 8:10pm CENTRAL
Lot #04 - 2yr Old Bucking Bull
#617  -  Rafter 7r Breeding
Bidding Starts at 8:15pm CENTRAL
Lot #05 - 5yr Old Bucking Bull
#303 Hold My Beer
Bidding Starts at 8:20pm CENTRAL
Lot #06 - 3yr Old Bucking Bull
#877 - Mudslinger & Panhandle Slim Grandson
Bidding Starts at 8:25pm CENTRAL
Lot #07 - Yearling Bull
#717  -  Page's Train Wreck Grandson
Bidding Starts at 8:30pm CENTRAL
Lot #08 - 2yr Old Bucking Bull
#607  -  Backlash & I'm A Gangster Grandson
Bidding Starts at 8:35pm CENTRAL
Lot #09 - 4yr Old Bucking Bull
#B92 Abracadabra  -  Son of VooDoo Child
Bidding Starts at 8:40pm CENTRAL
Lot #10 - 9yr Old Breeding Bull
#56W Smooth Strokin'  -  Son of Smooth Move
Bidding Starts at 8:45pm CENTRAL
Lot #11 - 5yr Old Bucking Bull
A12 Knife Fight  -  El Presidente  X  Houdini
Bidding Starts at 8:50pm CENTRAL
Lot #12 - Yearling Heifer
Heifer #742  -  Daughter of #54 Jungle Fear
Bidding Starts at 8:55pm CENTRAL
Lot #13 - 4yr Old Bucking Bull
#427  -  Playboy Skoal & Best Shot Grandson
Bidding Starts at 9:00pm CENTRAL
Lot #14 - 5yr Old Bucking Bull
J325 - CowboyDreamin & StraightJacket G-Son
Bidding Starts at 9:05pm CENTRAL