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Your Rodeo Stock Agent
Nate Morrison
(605) 515

Online Bidding & Marketing
Sale Coordinator for Benny Binion's
World Famous Bucking Horse & Bull Sale
during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo
in Las Vegas, NV.

20455 BIA 2 - Interior, SD 57750
Designer Genes Summertime
Fit to Buck Offering
May 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 2017
Selling 20 lots every night, Monday - Thursday!
Starting on Monday, May 22nd, and ending on Thursday, May 25th.
Bidding will start at 7:00pm central every night.
See the preview for the current 20 lot offerings posted below.
CLICK HERE to read the Terms & Conditions for this sale.
It is your responsibility as a buyer to read these terms before bidding.
By placing your bid you are agreeing to all terms set forth by Guidry Land & Cattle, Inc
concerning the Designer Genes Select Investments Offering.
M01 - One IVF Embryo
Houdini  X  Wild Thing
Bidding Starts at 7:00pm CENTRAL
M02 - One IVF Embryo
GDY390  X  #14 Chaos
Bidding Starts at 7:10pm CENTRAL
M03 - One IVF Embryo
Pearl Harbor  X  Reindeer
Bidding Starts at 7:20pm CENTRAL
M04 - One IVF Embryo
Stone Sober  X  White Sport Coat
Bidding Starts at 7:30pm CENTRAL
M05 - One IVF Embryo
Page U28  X  White Sport Coat
Bidding Starts at 7:40pm CENTRAL
M06 - One IVF Embryo
Red Wasp  X  Too Legit
Bidding Starts at 7:50pm CENTRAL
M07 - One IVF Embryo
Wild Child  X  Too Legit
Bidding Starts at 8:00pm CENTRAL
M08 - One IVF Embryo
Wolfman  X  Too Legit
Bidding Starts at 8:10pm CENTRAL
M09 - One IVF Embryo
Straight Jacket  X  Reindeer
Bidding Starts at 8:20pm CENTRAL
M11 - One IVF Embryo
Scream  X  Reindeer
Bidding Starts at 8:40pm CENTRAL
M12 - One IVF Embryo
Stone Sober  X  Reindeer
Bidding Starts at 8:50pm CENTRAL
M13 - One IVF Embryo
Wolfman  X  White Sport Coat
Bidding Starts at 9:00pm CENTRAL
M14 - One IVF Embryo
Straight Jacket  X  Wild Thing
Bidding Starts at 9:10pm CENTRAL
M15 - One IVF Embryo
Wild Thing  X  Skat Kat
Bidding Starts at 9:20pm CENTRAL
M16 - One IVF Embryo
Houdini  X  Reindeer
Bidding Starts at 9:30pm CENTRAL
M17 - One IVF Embryo
Spider Monkey  X  Reindeer
Bidding Starts at 9:40pm CENTRAL
M18 - One IVF Embryo
Page U28  X  Reindeer
Bidding Starts at 9:50pm CENTRAL
MONDAY  -  May 22nd, 2017
M19 - One IVF Embryo
Playboy  X  Reindeer
Bidding Starts at 10:00pm CENTRAL
M20 - One IVF Embryo
Wolfman  X  Too Legit
Bidding Starts at 10:10pm CENTRAL
M10 - One IVF Embryo
Pearl Harbor  X  Too Legit
Bidding Starts at 8:30pm CENTRAL
Selling 20 lots per night on Monday - Thursday night.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are not yet posted for preview.
Tuesday lots will be posted for preview after Monday's bidding.  Wednesday after Tuesday's
and Thursday's will be posted after Wednesday's bidding.
You must check back EVERY DAY OF BIDDING to see what is being offered that night.
The bidding will be in a LIVE AUCTION format.
Each consignment will have a specific time at which the bidding will start.
The bidding will be open for 5 minutes,
and for an additional 5 minutes after every bid is placed.

Every 10 minutes a new lot will be open for bidding.
The individual lots will be closed from bidding when an individual lot
has not received a bid within 5 minutes.
If your computer is not showing the current sale on this page, hit ctrl & refresh at the same time, to refresh your page.