Lot #827 - 4yr Old Bucking Bull
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Contact the consignor for any questions concerning this consignment BEFORE placing a bid.
Diamond S Bull Company
Jim Smith
Cromwell, OK

CONTACT Shawn Murray
(405) 641-9332
Auction Ends On
MONDAY - February 27th, 2006
at 8:00 PM central
bids display eastern time
Kephart Breeding on Top & Bottom
#XXI Creepers
ABBI REGISTERED   -   DOB: 06/01/2001

owned by Lynn and Rosemary Rice

DAM: Kephart Bred Cow
owned by Mike Barber

Creepers is a "coming of age" bucker.
He has been bucked around 15 times with a rider.
He goes out 1 or 2 jumps,
and CRANKS IT to the RIGHT with a TON OF GAS!!!
This bull has got some juice and WILL hook,
but is easy to handle and is an easy keeper.

Great looking bull!!!

We were going to sell this bull with a video, once you watch him buck you'll see why,
but Jim passed away yesterday
(2/22/06) due to a heart attack,
and I
(Shawn) haven't had time since to edit and send a video.

He's not PBR Short-go material, but he will definatly make someone a great bull!!!
To the Smith family,

Please know our hearts ache for you, and although we cannot begin to imagine the
long road you are facing, we will extend our hands, our time, and our help in any way,
at any time, and in any measure that you might need.  Please do not hesitate to call.

                                                                                         Nate and Elizabeth Morrison
                                                                                           The Breeder's Connection