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20455 BIA 2 - Interior, SD 57750
ABBI# 10222865     -     DOB: 02/04/2018
Lot #14  -  Yearling Bull
When you click on a past lot, and it shows a "page not found" type .html at the end of the link in address bar and hit enter.
#837 is a good sized bull that has got some kick to him.
The first couple times I bucked him he flipped over forwards, but he's staying on his feet
and hunting a spot to spin now. With a little more experience he'll get it all dialed in.
Big enough to make a heck of a derby bull in a few years also.

His granddam, Party Girl, is also the #5 dam on ABBI production list.
Bidding for Lot #14 will start at 8:00pm cst.
Shield of Faith Bucking Bulls
Kody Lostroh  -  Ault, CO  -  (303) 594-5856

Lot #14 - Lot #26  -  Wednesday, May 15th.
Contact Nate Morrison at (605) 515-4313 to place phone bids.
Shield of Faith Bucking Bulls
Kody Lostroh  -  Ault, CO  -  (303) 594-5856

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Live Bidding for Lot #01 - Lot #13 will be held on Tuesday, May 14th.
ABBI# 10221021     -     DOB: 04/11/2018
Lot #15  -  Yearling Bull
One of the highlights of the sale right here.
This bull has bucked from day one and not only gets better, but has the heart to go with it.
As you can see in the first video, the dummy hung up a bit and rode him longer than I wanted.
The next trip he still fired hard and did his job with all he had.
You can teach bulls a lot of things but you can't teach heart and try,
and 90F certainly has those two traits.
Bidding for Lot #15 will start at 8:05pm cst.
ABBI# 10221019     -     DOB: 05/28/2018
Lot #16 -  Yearling Bull
Very nice bull that has good kick, some rear and drop and is figuring out the game.
I expect him to be in the gate shortly and really performing well.
Bidding for Lot #16 will start at 8:10pm cst.
Ace #34
ABBI# 10121640     -     DOB: 02/10/2010
Lot #17 -  9yr Old Breeding Bull
Watch Ace 34's offspring in the video above.
Bidding for Lot #17 will start at 8:15pm cst.
Houdini  X  MS 0
Ace 34 is a product of the most proven cross in the bucking bull industry.
Full brother to Nightlife, Wildlife, Ground Zero, Life Sentence, 25 to Life and several others.
He is also a full bother to Party Girl the #5 cow on the ABBI top dams list.

I bought Ace 34 as a long two year old not only for his bucking ability,
but mainly his breeding potential.  And he did not disappoint.
While he did buck very well, he was so high strung that anytime he left the ranch
he would have a meltdown.  So he's been mainly breeding cows for several years
and now I've come to the point where I've got so much of the Houdini/MS0 blood
in my cow herd that I can't keep breeding him.  Here's your chance at a great sire.

His sons have won money at every level of competition
including the 2017 Buckers Unlimited Yearling Year End Champion, Lostroh 645.
BSE was done on 4/17/19 and everything was good.  I can send the results if needed.
Here’s a video of one of Ace 34's sons winning the derby
at this last weekends Buckers Unlimited event.
ABBI# 10221038     -     DOB: 04/16/2018
Lot #18 -  Yearling Bull
Talk about an electric little calf here.
When he gets it dialed in and decides which way he wants to spin,
this guy ought to take you to the pay window.  Don't overlook this one.
Bidding for Lot #18 will start at 8:20pm cst.
ABBI# 10222867     -     DOB: 02/11/2018
Lot #19 -  Yearling Bull
Big good looking bull that really wants to buck.
Lots of kick and action and just needs a couple more trips to decide which way he wants to spin.
We had a little hiccup on his last trip with his back foot hanging in the dummy cinch for a second
(you can see on video), but I'm confident that he'll be one you're glad you bought.

His granddam, Party Girl, is also the #5 dam on ABBI production list.
Bidding for Lot #19 will start at 8:25pm cst.
ABBI# 10221025     -     DOB: 05/28/2018
Lot #20 -  Yearling Bull
Another sale highlight right here.
This bull will get better the further he goes and has that extra wow factor
that catches the judges eye.  Watch the videos again and bid with confidence.
Bidding for Lot #20 will start at 8:30pm cst.
ABBI# 10221022     -     DOB: 03/06/2018
Lot #21 -  Yearling Bull
Tall, good looking bull that still needs to figure some stuff out, but he's on the right track.
Another few trips and he'll know what the game is all about.
Bidding for Lot #21 will start at 8:35pm cst.
ABBI# 10221029     -     DOB: 04/06/2018
Lot #22 -  Yearling Bull
#98F is as solid as they come and is really fun to buck.
He is going to get off the ground and have some whip as he spins
and more than likely be a money earner no matter where he goes.
This calf is one you don't want to miss out on.
Bidding for Lot #22 will start at 8:40pm cst.
ABBI# 10221023     -     DOB: 05/08/2018
Lot #23 -  Yearling Bull
If you're looking for a wild and athletic prospect then look no further.
#92F may not be the biggest in the pen, but he will stand like a champ in the chute
until the gate opens and then explode.
Fun little bull that should be a winner once he settles into a pattern.
Bidding for Lot #23 will start at 8:45pm cst.
ABBI# 10221035     -     DOB: 04/05/2018
Lot #24 -  Yearling Bull
#104F was good out of the left delivery, but has some real action out of the right side.
He's the perfect size to last through his futurity year and go right into the derby's and classics.
His dam has hit before and this calf looks to be no different.
Bidding for Lot #24 will start at 8:50pm cst.
ABBI# 10221020     -     DOB: 01/30/2018
Lot #25 -  Yearling Bull
Big, old school, cool looking brindle that will turn some heads.
He's going to buck with a dummy, but I believe this bulls real potential
will come out in his derby and classic years.
Bidding for Lot #25 will start at 8:55pm cst.
ABBI# 10221027     -     DOB: 04/22/2018
Lot #26 -  Yearling Bull
#96F will definitely be a contender to win when he shows up.
I really like the action and automatic spin that this bull has showed from day one.
You can count on him to do the deal every time.
Bidding for Lot #26 will start at 9:00pm cst.